Azee yoghurt is a natural drink produced from the freshness of the world’s best milk, full of vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy day. It comes in various brands of plain sweetened & unsweetened, stirred and Greek. It also comes in chocolate and honey in addition to fruity flavours of strawberry, vanilla and banana. All these specially produced to suit your tastes. To match your needs, our sizes range from 270ml, to 500ml and 1litre. For your occasions, our specialized and branded products will be a perfect fit.

Not only the scintillating outlook, the unique blend of taste and flavour is what stands Azee out amongst other products. Credit goes to our carefully researched process, backed by an uncommon expertise in material selection.
It’s affordable and readily available in supermarkets and malls.

From A to zee of Nourishment, Azee yoghurt is an irresistible choice!